EMA-Care : Individualized Care and Support plan

Build & Define the Help and Support needed

Evaluate the needs

Give a more precise evaluation of the needs and abilities of an elder in their environment and daily life

EMA-Care is a Powerful tool for :

  • Coordination between all care Partners involved in Helping an elder remain at home ;.
  • Following, sharing and working on each unique Individualized Care and Support Plan (ICSP) ;
  • Optimizing and managing care ressources ;
  • Setting up and following a person moving from Hospital back to Home.

What it does and what it creates

Faced with a difficult situation, doubts, or difficulties in organizing adequate help? You can benefit from the advice and recommendations of our expert who will assist you in organizing help at home and identify solutions that provide appropriate support to the person's needs of security and well-being.

After collecting and analyzing all the information, the goal is to improve or maintain each elder's psychological and physical status and well-being while maintaining and monitoring a baseline to prevent decline.

The app provides you with an "Individualized Care and Support Plan" (ICSP) for all daily acts. The ICSP is where we communicate observations, share thoughts, and provide care and support solutions to continually improve the plan.